3D Digital Templating

The Proliner® 3D Digital Template System, is a state-of-the-art, portable, digital measuring device that streamlines construction templating and layout tasks. The Proliner eliminates the need for handmade drawings and templates, as templates are created by tracing objects using the Proliner’s pen while clicking a button on a remote control. During this process, straight lines can be recorded as well as continuous scribed contours. Once measurements are taken, they can be viewed and manipulated on the machine’s large touch-screen display and integrated CAD program. Being compatible with CAD-CAM equipment, the Proliner provides an efficient path from concept and design to finished product.

At TorontoGranite.com we use the Proliner for digitizing your skewed back walls and odd shaped counters. These drawings are transferred to our waterjet cutting machine, which makes all the difficult cuts in the shop, unlike other shops that do on site with a grinder.