Engineered Stone

Timeless Elegance of Engineered Stone Unveiled at Toronto Granite


In interior design, the search for an ideal mix of esthetics, longevity and functional utility frequently brings homeowners and designers to consider cutting-edge materials. Engineered stone is one of the leaders in this race, combining beauty with functionality. Toronto Granite offers to our esteemed clientele a unique line of engineered stone products that symbolize elegance in your living areas.


Engineered stone which is also known as quartz or composite stone, is a man-made material comprising of naturally occurring quartz crystals and resin. This results in a surface which is beautiful like natural stone but at the same time it resistant to many elements and that enhances its performance. Our manufactured stone products are reflective of superior workmanship offering homeowners unlimited options in designing with our kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, flooring and much more.


The best thing about the engineered stone is that one shall not try to achieve its level of durability. Engineered stone, unlike natural stone, is non-porous meaning that it does not stain and scratch easily as well withstands bacteria. This feature guarantees a durable products, as well as its maintenance is very easy, which makes it perfect for high-traffic areas in your house. There are countless engineered stone styles from Toronto Granite to choose from, guaranteeing that you will find a perfect match for your particular taste and application.


Engineered stone also possesses a high aesthetic value besides the practicality. Manufacturing process enables manufacturers to produce artificial stone in different colors and patterns providing the same appearance as natural stone but with a higher degree of uniformity. Marble is known for its classic look, granite never goes out of fashion and the modern-day minimalistic design; our artificial stone collection has a solution to any taste.


Toronto Granite is proud to work hand in hand with the best manufacturers to give you the best-finished products using engineered stone. We strive to provide quality products which is why every slab from our company meets the highest requirements and will serve as a beautiful addition to your house for years. Please, visit our showroom to see the rich palette of textures, finishes, and color schemes that engineered stone offers for any type of interior design project.


Toronto Granite being a customer centric company does not just offer high quality products. Our professionals are committed to helping you with the selection of products, follow your personal needs in order to provide advice when choosing. We realize that the selection of a perfect engineered stone is an integral part of your dream home.


Get the best quality engineered stone from Toronto Granite that is incomparable in its beauty and durability. Give your living areas a lift using something that is beyond styling and outlives fads. Visit our showroom at 5151 Everest Dr. #1, Mississauga, L4W 2Z3, or contact us at Tel: Call 905 602 7077, Fax number is mentioned to be 905 602 7577 for booking an appointment. Give your home an abiding beautiful aspect of engineered stone, the right style.


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