Natural Stone

Discover classic beauty with Toronto Granite’s line of Natural Stone


We are Toronto Granite – the best provider of splendid natural stone solutions that take your spaces to another level in terms of elegance and luxury. Our wide selection of premium natural stones is designed to provide the classic elegance that lasts a lifetime, giving your residential and commercial projects an aesthetic appeal like no other. Whether you are seeking the perfect countertop or flooring solution, a rustic fireplace or an accent wall, here at our website we offer only the finest hand-picked selections which promise to tell their own stories of opulence and longevity.


We believe in the magic of stone and that is why at Toronto Granite we get our material from far and wide sources so as to enable you create your own masterpiece. Be it the timeless beauty of marble, the natural appeal of slate or the strength and endurance of granite, you will find what you are looking for in our range. Each slab is a masterpiece highlighting nature’s incredible artisanship in every vein, hue, and design.


We welcome you to our showroom, conveniently located at 5151 Everest Dr. #1, Mississauga, L4W 2Z3, where an array of natural stones awaits you to bring your design visions to life. When you enter our premises, you will step into a realm of opportunities where your dream merges with the rough unprocessed splendor of stone we offer.


Our beautiful granite collection is one of our flagship products. Granite is a desirable material for home improvement because it combines durability and classic beauty, which makes it an ideal product for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, etc. Featuring a rainbow of colors and patterns, every granite slab creates that unique piece of art to inject personality into your space as it endures the ravages of time.


One more gem in our treasury, Marble is a personification of richness and taste. Perfect for feature pieces like fire surrounds, and bathroom walls, marble’s unique veining and lustre adds a stunning focal point to any room. Get heavenly touch for your living places with marble from Toronto Granite.


Our range of quartzite, available for those who want a versatile and long-lasting option, is also something that one cannot miss perusing through. Because of its strength and ability to withstand heat as well as scratches, quartzite is a functional, but beautiful option for kitchen countertops, backsplashes and more. At Toronto Granite you can look through a variety of colors and textures to find the one that matches your design idea.


You will not only get to choose other varieties of natural stones when you come to Toronto Granite but also receive professional advice that will guide in making good decisions. Our team of experienced experts is committed to helping you pick the perfect stone for your project that complies with all your design and functional needs.


Are you prepared to start your journey of transforming your space with the unmatched marvels of the natural stone? Visit our showroom at 5151 Everest Dr. #1, Mississauga, L4W 2Z3, or contact us at Tel: The telephone number is 905-602-7077, and fax 905-602-7577. Toronto Granite – A Touch of Timeless Beauty.


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